Children may not be the cleanest creatures in the world, but at Kindy Cleana, we promise to make every child’s play and learning environment a healthy, sparkling, hygienic one every day.

It’s what we do!
Our centres enjoy our specialised cleaning services including:

Holiday dusting, detailing, pressure washing of children’s plastic chairs and equipment. Scrub/pressure wash and sanitise bathrooms Strip/seal and buffing (vinyl floors) Window cleaning Carpet cleaning, a combination of machine scrubbing/shampooing and steam cleaning (for our clients only) Furniture/equipment packing & unpacking setup for kindy.(e.g. for community & church halls)

Tailor designed services for your centre.

Even though we work in the background, communication with our team is always available.
Each centre is treated individually because each has their own specific needs.
We take care of all your centre’s cleaning needs, from general cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, disinfecting, etc We can work daily, weekly or to your timetable.